October 2008

Have been wanting to inform all of you about my new place but never got the chance to do so as I have been awfully busy lately.  But anyway, yes i’ve found a nice apartment near my workplace (more reason to slog late) about a month back.  Its still a work in progress as so far, i’ve only a working kitchen, bed, a sofa set and get this – a 32″ LCD Sony Bravia TV.  Am excited since it is perfect for Winning Eleven, which coincidentally came with the rest of my shipment last week.  Too much coincidence (refer to my last post) in my life nowadays eh?

wasn’t an easy task getting a place as the furnishings here are ow-so-gaudy and middle eastern for my taste.  even my place is kindof “not perfect” in the furnishings sense. but its one of the better ones compared to the 20+ other apartments i’ve seen.  oh well, will try to make it nice as far as possible.

anyway, no pics for now as (a) i’m seriously busy and will be heading to Kuwait tomorrow for one and a half weeks; and (b) its really an empty apartment now so nothing to show. but i will let you all know when bookings are open.  it has two other bedrooms that are really unused and i need you folks to come and stir up the dust a bit.

and yes, im on the 13th floor (with a nice – by Egyptian standards – view from the living room)


This is the reason why I am here in Egypt – the new VW Golf GTi, slated for launch and distribution in Singapore in middle of 2009.  Ok, I was kidding there but with most car manufacturers tweaking their models in the 1-2 years upon launch, this hot hatch is due to be at its “peak” come 2011, which is the time that I should be due back in Singapore.  Strange coincidence huh?    

The current model is shown above.  According to VW Singapore, 40% of VWs sold locally are actually GTis.  I actually kinddof prefer this “broad honeycomb-grille” front compared to the “straight-line honeycomb grille” of the newer version. 

All my “Car Siao” friends and readers, what do you think?  Imho, these babes are hotter than any FHM models etc.