ive been receiving quite a lot of flak over the lack of activity on my blog so here is a short (but relatively uncreative) entry to update a little as well as to placate my ‘tough customers’. 

so what has happened to me actually?  why the radio silence?  well, things have been a little rough in the recent two months both professionally and personally so ive been keeping to myself quite a bit.  nothing life-threatening but serious enough to keep me occupied and not want to speak up so much.  important thing is im alive, have enough to eat, enough to spend and a roof over my head, so it’s always crucial to keep the bumps of life in perspective, don’t you think so? 

a fren working alone overseas once told me that what cant kill you can only make you stronger.  i personally think that if one’s spirit ‘dies’, he is only a living shell.  it’s so important to always stay positive, keep communicating and also to hold on to the support of people who care so that one’s mental, emotional and spiritual self will continue to thrive.  so yes, all you avid readers and commentators here are treasured because you bring life to what are mere words on a screen.  keep at it! 

anyway, it will be a couple of months more before i take another 2-3 week holiday back home.  time really flies – without a doubt.  its getting colder here already but winter is a welcome relief after the tough and hot summer months that i had to endure here.  the air is still bad though – apparently the locals here also practise the burning of vegetation to clear the land ala the Indons so there’s a burning smell wafting in and out of my apartment day and night.  nothing like the smell of home eh?

looking forward to the year-end festivities indeed (despite a very busy work schedule in the lead-up to December).  last year was quite a fiasco spending Christmas here.  no atmosphere, no Christmassy lights, no Christmassy food and to make matters worse, no holiday either.  i had to keep my internet radio tuned to Christmas carols throughout December to create a semblance of the Christmas spirit! 

on another note, ive been thinking also a little about money recently.  i mean of course we need it.  and if i have it, of course i will spend it.  but seriously, its way overrated, no?  most of us (though not all) seem willing to literally put work/earning money at a higher priority than our health, family lives, relationships, political freedom and precious time, and just be fixated in wanting to accumulate more and more, and keep up with the Joneses.  seems like a Ponzi scam to me …

am i the only one here who has such a bizarre thought here?  what do you think?