cant belive that i havent blog for five months … work’s hell so havent had the mood nor enthusiasm to pursue this although there are a couple of materials in my head … perhaps i will pen something down soon

anyway, interestingly enough, this site has seen a small but steady flood of visitors despite me not putting up any new material, mostly strangers keen to read on my features about Egyptian food …  whereby i should offer myself some self-congratulations that the blog had, besides serving to help me cope when i first arrived to Cairo about 2.5 years ago, also been a kind of info-guide to those about to come to this very fascinating country for the very first time …

so there, at least ive been a good guest and helped in my own small way to ‘sell’ this country to the many visitors … yup, after two plus years, its still a difficult love-hate relationship … but like i always tell my friends here – i do suspect Cairo  really really loves me