This blog is about nothing.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. rolz911 Says:

    yo.. grt job with the banner. u’re a fast learner huh..? 🙂 I like it. – pretty artsy with an interesting perspective.. Kp shooting..! 😛

  2. calamarirings Says:

    hey thanks! =) … that was a pic taken from an earlier class excursion and i had to crop it to fit the banner size … will surely keep shooting – i need lotsa practice … and hope to churn out more interesting shots … of coz, wld lurve to hear ur comments and critique as always …

  3. Bob Goh Says:

    Anything about falafel?

  4. calamarirings Says:

    sure, its under my “Cairo Street Grub: Ta’amiyya” entry. Falafel is also known as ta’amiyya here in Egypt.

  5. Adam Says:

    Hello Singaporean dude,

    I am Adam from Cairo. I`d love to visit Singapore, I`d like I get some travel information about Singapore if you don`t mind. Hope I hear from you soon, Thanks

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